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1. Conclusion of contract

a / By sending an inquiry to the lawyer no contractual relationship arises between the law office "Vasilev and Partners" and the sender of the request. By sending the inquiry the lawyer is only invited to propose fees for the answer of the question.

b / The Contract for legal advice with the lawyer is concluded when the sender of the inquiry confirmed by letter or an e-mail, that agrees with the proposed fee and pay the same. From that moment the sender of the request may claim response from the lawyer.


2. Privacy

a / The lawyer is obliged to keep as a secret the  information that has become known in connection with the customer's order. The transmitted information by an e-mail without the use of an electronic signature cannot take guarantee confidentiality in the transmission.

b / by sending to a lawyer unencrypted question the  lawyer can answer the same way.


3.Rules for work and responsibility

The lawyer can handle the query only such as is represented actual situation. Errors in the consultation do not give rise to liability lawyer if they are based on inaccurate or false description of the facts in the query. This does not apply if the wrong advice is based on intent or gross negligence of the attorney.


4. Terms

The lawyer is obliged to provide the requested written consultation within five working days unless otherwise agreed from the day following the conclusion of the contract. The lawyer is obliged to provide the requested statement in format via e-mail or via uncertified copies attached letter.


5. Fees

The fee for writing online consultation depends on the legal and factual complexity of the question, the material interest of the case and the time and effort the lawyer for consultation. The fee is negotiated between the client and the attorney in correspondence through emails.


6. Payment of the legal fee

Law Office "Vasilev and Partners" accept the payments performed by the bank transfer, postal order or in cash.


You can send your inquiry also on or download the application for mobile phone with the same name respectively for Android or iOS.


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