Our activities are mainly focused at the areas of civil, labor, contractual, property and commercial law. To ensure the full and adequate protection of the interests of our clients we provide full scope of legal services and representation before all Bulgarian Courts and Arbitration Courts. With regards to provide an easy access and constant care for the interests of our clients (companies), we offer a contract on a subscription basis, which will ensure continuous legal expertise and assistance in all operational aspects of their day-by-day activities

Areas of Activities:

Civil Law

  • Legal advice in civil matters;
  • Litigation and legal protection in the conduct of civil cases;
  • Representation in court - the enforcement proceedings;
  • Preparation of deeds, powers of attorney, certificates, invitations and assistance before a notary;
  • Drafting of contracts;
  • Registration, transformation and dissolution of cooperatives, civic associations, foundations, non-profit associations.



  • Registration of the company, as well as analysis and proposal for the most - appropriate form of a company with a view to the specifics of the business;
  • Contribution-in-kind procedure and advice on optimizing the activity of the company;
  • Registration of changes in the legal form of the company, sale and purchase of shares, opening and closing of branches;
  • Transactions with commercial venture, transfer of assets and debts, risk management, expertise in credit relationships;
  • Drafting of contracts and documents related to the daily operations of the trader;
  • Legal assistance, protection and representation in court and arbitration courts on commercial disputes;
  • Negotiating, cooperation in solving disputes agreements;
  • Insolvency;
  • Full legal support to company matters.



  • Legal advice on tax matters;
  • Tax planning;
  • Registration and full service companies abroad, including offshore;
  • Litigation and legal protection in the conduct of tax cases.


Property and contractual law

  • Real estate transactions and property rights;
  • Partition of property;
  • Acquisition of property by prescription and by other means;
  • Cases redress possession and ownership;
  • Establishment and termination of mortgage;
  • Service deals with cars (vehicles) and other belongings.
  • Representation in court in connection with contestation, amendment, termination and rescission of contracts.



  • Advice on family law and inheritance matters;
  • Representation in divorce matters and matters of parental rights;
  • Preparation of wills.



  • Litigation before state and municipal authorities;
  • Appeal to the penal provisions of the various organs;
  • Appeals of administrative acts;
  • Consulting and legal assistance to foreign nationals in connection with the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship, permanent residence and continued;
  • Consultations in relation to territorial - development plans and regulation.
  • Consultations and participation in procedures.



  • Preparation of individual employment contracts, annexes, job descriptions, agreements, employer orders, protocols, resolutions, rules of procedure and others;
  • Consultations and preparation of documents on termination of employment notices, orders, protocols for making the selection, compensation payments;
  • Consulting concerning the imposition of disciplinary dismissals, the payment of compensation and disciplinary action;
  • Assistance, advice and representation for settling labor disputes and legal representation in court for keeping employment matters relating to dismissals, layoffs, benefits and other labor disputes.